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Tic Toc, the Clock Won’t Stop!



It’s hard to believe the summer flew by so quickly.  Thousands of Shabbat guests, tens of thousands of weekday visitors, countless people putting on tefillin for the very first time and several thousand Shabbat candles lit by women and girls, adding much needed light in the world, both physically & spiritually.  Passers-by in the world’s oldest Ghetto received a warm welcome to the area at the Chabad House, refreshed themselves from the heat with cold drinks and snacks.  Large tour groups visiting the area, inspired by the sight of the Venice yeshiva students, everyone joined together singing and dancing arm in arm in the middle of the Ghetto Square,,,,,,what a beautiful sight to behold.  Besides hosting thousands of Shabbat meals at GAM GAM, thousands others received kosher catered meals all throughout Italy.

CIMG3923  CIMG3856

And the simchas continued with weddings, brissim, special guests coming from around the world to give Torah classes & farbrengens and much more! No one is left behind……….the yeshiva students traveled all over Italy and beyond to distribute all the necessities for the holidays, so everyone could enjoy the yomim tovim.

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And before we knew it, Rosh HaShana & Yom Kippur were suddenly history.  Now, Sukkot is upon us and with Sukkas built all over the Jewish area, everyone is welcome to join us for all the Holiday & Shabbat meals once again.

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Looking forward to seeing you!  Can’t make it this year, drop us a message here.






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