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GAM GAM Kosher Restaurant

GAM GAM Kosher Restaurant

GamGam Restaurant, Cannaregio 1122, 30121 Venice - Open on Google Map
Reservation Details
Shabbat Dinner, Lunch & Seuda Shlishit at your pre-reserved PRIVATE TABLE in GAM GAM
Extra Donations
We do not receive any financial assistance so we absolutely need your generous tzedakah. Your donations are our Only source of support, may Hashem bless you 1000-fold in return.
If you don't find any availability, please book a seat at the Friday Night Communal Shabbat Meal with Chabad of Venice. Takeaway is also available. Thanks!


Chabad of Venice’s Luxury Shabbat at GAM GAM Kosher Restaurant – by reservation only.
Shabbat Dinner, Lunch & Seuda Shlishit at your pre-reserved private table in GAM GAM.

126 euro per person (any age). Add a donation to the Chabad House in meritorious amounts of 18/Chai per person: €36, 180, 360, 504, 1800.


Select your Shabbat Date (If your Shabbat Date coincides with a Holiday, register on the Holiday page):

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