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Everyone Loves Chabad of Venice


Welcome to the #EveryoneLovesChabadOfVenice campaign!  It’s a one day only campaign and it’s All or Nothing! (At the time of writing, we’ve only got 16 hours left!)

We’ve got great news! Today, Chabad of Venice is changing the landscape of Yiddishkeit! And you can help – here’s how!

We are raising $400,000 to expand the Chabad of Venice Synagogue/Yeshiva in the World’s Oldest Ghetto! The property, which is now under construction, will allow us to continue and expand our world-known outreach activities.

Many visitors from all parts of the world have their first Jewish experience with us at Chabad of Venice and continue their journey in their hometowns. Help us continue to grow and reach tens of thousands more youth, young adults, travelers and locals.

Everyone knows about Shabbat in Venice, but did you know…..for the last 25 years, besides being a Chabad House for tourists, we are here for the increasing amount of locals who are davening and learning by us, with amazing holiday programs and Hebrew school lessons for their children.  We are a Chabad on Campus that assists Israeli and other overseas & local Jewish students learning in Universities here in Venice and the surrounding cities, providing a home-away-from-home, support & counseling. And we organize hospital care for travelers when needed and are a liasion between families abroad & the medical facilities.

And through the years…..we have been taking care of the entire Veneto area, helping the communities in Padova, Verona, Treviso and others, and also helping the Jewish soldiers and their families from the two American army bases, by providing them with holiday needs, yeshiva students for minyanim, bris milah for soldiers’ sons, menorahs at the army bases, kosher food etc…

We have 24 hours to raise $400,000. Every dollar you donate today will be quadrupled thanks to our generous matchers. If we don’t reach our goal in time, all donations will be returned.

$100 grows into $400

$180 grows into $720

$1,000 grows into $4,000

$1,800 grows into $7,200

Join Chabad of Venice and help us continue to shape the Jewish future!

We can do it! But we need you!  Please donate now at

Please share this historic campaign with your family and friends through email & social media and don’t forget to use the hashtag #EveryoneLovesChabadOfVenice!

Thank you for being a part of it!

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